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A number of exercises for self study and for group rehearsals.

  1. Here are some very cool exercises on syncopation: Syncopation Exercises. Thanks Brian!

  2. A simple looking exercise for practicing offbeats: offbeats2.pdf.

  3. Another simple looking exercise for offbeat work: offbeats3.pdf.

  4. Yet more offbeat work. This is the first 7 bars of the song “Zingaro” by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Single sheet has music for all instruments. To be played as a unison exercise: offbeats4.pdf.

  5. A single sheet with our first unison exercise. This has music for C, Bb, Eb, F and bass clef instruments: unison-exercise1.pdf.

  6. A single sheet with exercises for playing triplets as well as a midi file, and for those of us midi-challenged, an audio file. Fun, fun, fun!

  7. A single sheet exercise for quintuple time. If I'm being honest, it's as much an exercise for the conductor as it is for the band. 54-time.pdf

  8. A single sheet “cheat sheet” showing the Bb concert scale for different instruments: Bflat-concert.pdf.

  9. A single sheet for all instruments with a Bb concert scale triplet exercise. bflat-triplet-exercise.pdf

  10. A single sheet for all instruments with various major chord intervals (exercise for unison band). intervals-1.pdf

  11. Scales: Each one of the sheets are a single sheet with all the scales. Please notice that there are separate sheets for treble and bass clef.

    1. Major: treble clef, bass clef

    2. Natural Minor (the one used most often and usually called just “minor”): treble clef, bass clef

    3. Harmonic Minor: treble clef, bass clef

    4. Melodic Minor: treble clef, bass clef

    You should be able to play most of these! Remember: Practice slowly!

  12. A warmup exercise for band based on the Bb scale. warmup.pdf


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