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The history of the name “Mellowood” might be of some interest. I created it a number of years ago when I installed my first version of Linux. It was a Slackware distribution and had the host computer configured as “DarkStar” or something equally silly. I didn't like that name, so I started to do some variations.

Dark Wood was one; but that still sounded pretty “dark” to me.

And I did play a mellow saxophone ... well, I thought at times that I did.

So, why not Mellow Wood? After all, we've moved here to chill out and enjoy life. And, that's it. Of course, we did need to make it one long word and drop the duplicate “w”.

Since that momentous decision was made we've used “Mellowood” for such diverse things as our web site, Val's art studio, my recording studio and record label.

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