Vmusic CD Database

I've been fooling around with cataloging my CD collection for eons. And then I started to play with tcl/tk and figured that writing a simple database program would be a good way to learn this neat language. Certainly, I've discovered some limitations...but overall I give tcl/tk a big A.

The above was written before I discovered Python/Tkinter. Now I've rewritten VMusic using this combination—much faster and easier to maintain!

The archive contains the full source for the program and complete docs in man, html and ps formats. This should work with any system with Python 2.2 and Tk 8.x installed, but no promises. Let me know!

The latest version contains code which integrates (a little) with the CDDB database and lets you pretty-print CD Jewel Box inserts, and sticky labels.

I have well over 500 CDs catalogued on my system and the program works just fine for this. Version 2.10 is now online (this works with later Python versions).

Download (170K): vmusic-2.10.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: c0a809bfcd9fc3ab9b36fd9b173d923b74d4a757

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