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UPDATE May/2015: In the fall of 2014 the Wynndel Internet group essentially went out of business. I'm guessing here, but it seems that the current contractor was just tired of the hassle, and the society was running into a deep black hole of having expenses greater than revenue. Our so-called saviour in all this, Telus, was a big contributor with it's overpriced POP we were committed into using. Another factor was their ambitious expansion into the southern areas of our valley.

Oh well, things have gotten better. Still no wired service, but I'm pretty happy with Swift Internet.

Update August/2014: Still have crappy internet out here in beautiful Wynndel. Currently our only choice is fixed wireless with a max download of 1.5 mps. Telus and Shaw say “Drop dead, we ain't coming out there anytime soon.” I really thought that by this time I would no longer be updating this site with it's a sad story compounded by governments and telcoms who don't understand or care about rural folk. But, you do have to admit that Telus has nice fuzzy animals.

Update October/2007: I have real broadband!. Read on for details.

Getting broadband connections to folks "out in the woods" is not an easy thing. Certainly neither governments or telcos have much interest in committing their resources to us. Sure, they say they really, really care. But, the bottom line is that unless they have political or profit motive, they are more concerned with the folks in the major urban centers. I don't mind this and I understand it. I just hate the BS they spout about being concerned with rural citiziens. Oh well, that's not going to change. Ever.

I live in the wonderful, rural community of Wynndel, BC, Canada. We're about 12 miles north of the US/Canada border; a few miles south of beautiful Kootenay Lake. If you are into precision: Latitude 49.181614N, Longitude 116.5406W. Both cable and ADSL internet connections are available in the nearby community of Creston ... but not here.

I struggled for many years with a dialup connection. And even went so far as to subscribe to a second telephone line. As you know, all this was less than ideal.

I started a bit of movement here to get someone, anyone to get us high speed. And I totally failed. First of all I pressed our governments and existing ISPs. And we did get a of of promises ... but, no beef.

Next, I got a satellite connection. Not the greatest option, but it worked.

On October 11, 2007 the Wynndel Internet guru, Roger Bennett, came by and installed the wireless system. I take back all my nasty comments ... this sucker rocks!

Before all this ended up on such a nice note, I published a rant detailing why I didn't think the local society would work and my reasons for bowing out. A lot of this is still valid. And if you're in another rural community without broadband ... all I can say is that I wish you luck. You'll need it!

Check back here often. I'll do my best to keep the information current for so long as there is activity. Mail me if you want tell me how intelligent or stupid I am.

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