This python/tkinter program is designed to help you determine the speed of a piece of music on the radio or on a CD. You just tap the <'spacebar'> on your keyboard and the tempo is displayed. Sure beats (trademarked PUN!) counting with a stopwatch! The archive includes the program and short README file.

Update: After being available for over 8 years here, this little program was reviewed in the March/2010 issue of Linux Journal. Reading words like “a cracker of a little application” and “brilliant” certainly warms my cold heart!

December/22: Fixed up to work on either Python 2 or 3.

February/23: Added <'backspace'> to clear counter.

Download (2K): countbeats-1.2.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: e7bb2d46a1ff758fe41cdb806def1462e60232de

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