Saxophone Stylings by Bob van der Poel

15 Original Songs * 45 Minutes Playing Time

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Inspired by the majesty and beauty of British Columbia's Kootenay region, all the songs on this CD were composed, arranged and produced by me, Bob van der Poel. I'm very pleased with the quality of the recordings and hope that you will enjoy my efforts as well.

To make these recordings the track backgrounds were created and mastered with MMA---Musical MIDI Accompaniment, converted to audio with Timidity and then further processed with various computer tools. Bob's solos were played on a Keilwerth SX90 Tenor saxophone, RPC mouthpiece and Rigotti Gold Reeds; recorded with a Zoom H4 recorder. Final mastering with Audacity on Linux workstations.

Track Listing

Feel free to click on any of the track names to listen to a 30 second preview.

Track Name Time
Cuban Lullaby 3:03
Old Guy's Dance 2:39
Wynndel Waltz 2:39
Bossatonic 2:24
Money Honey 3:10
Possibilities 3:10
Bob's Sox 3:28
Cedars 3:12
Spring Flurries 2:40
Just Love You 4:12
Carnival 3:16
Tora's Waltz 2:57
Swing 4 Sue 2:59
Spirals 3:10
Rainy Day Cha Cha 2:28

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