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Other than computers, music ranks very high in my list of "important things in life".

I am an amateur musician — emphasis on the word amateur!

I play pop organ and a bunch of saxophones: tenor, c-melody and soprano. I'm real excited about the saxophone these days ... visit my instruments page for details and pictures.

I used to play in the Creston Community Band. And, a side note on bands in general ... if you want to keep members in your band remember that most of the people you deal with have feelings and really do need the occasional compliment. Constant put-downs will just cause constant-leavings.

I had a lot of fun a few years ago playing my saxophones in the Bonner's Ferry Community Orchestra. Yes, a sax with a bunch of strings — small town life is certainly interesting (Bonner's Ferry is a small farming community located in northern Idaho). Unfortunately, the drive (in the winter) has become a bit much for me ... so, on to other things.

My wife, Val, and I have been in a few different combos. We had a small dance combo group Stage3 ... but, like most groups that hasn't lasted. Recently we have a sometimes-on, sometimes-off jazz-like combo The Hilltop Pretenders. Mostly, we do jazz and play at some local events. For a small fee you can hire us!

Lately, Val and I have been performing at some local coffee houses, festivals, and whatever else will have us. I'm playing accordion and she's singing. My old teacher, Fred, would be proud....

I believe in giving back to communities. So, I teach a limited number of students. And, I have started up a beginner concert band which I conduct.

What do I do on my summer vacation? Well, since 1998 I've been making an annual pilgrimage to The International Music Camp. Located right on the Canada/US border due south of Brandon, Manitoba, this camp has been in business for over half-a-century. For the most part, they offer wonderful music, art and drama programs for children. But, at the end of each season they have a four day session for adult community band. Some probably call the whole thing strange; I call it fun. Here are a few more comments and pictures.

Music Software

I've written quite a few programs to help me and others in our musical pursuits. Please visit my music software page for details. It's all free, so what can you lose?

Music Links

Here are some links to other websites with “neato stuff” and/or mentioning this website. Enjoy.
  • The Senior Bandsman An interesting site with various links, blogs and other resources. Great for those starting out with music at a later part of their lives.

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