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One little thing I've been doing a lot lately is writing charts and arrangements. My exclusive “engraver” is The MUP Music Publisher. I wrote a review several years ago for the Linux Gazette.

I have also written some useful helper programs I use all the time with MUP:





Mup Display/View


Courtesy Keysig

Colorize MUP

Scale Calculator

Lyrics brace macro


A simple python script which creates a “blank” MUP score. The archive includes the program and short README file.

Download (8K): mup-template-1.3.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: f18dfb8efb18ea90958e5f15e1b9529cc782eb2a

MUP Transpose

A try at a program to transpose a mup score. Archive has a Python program and short README. This is far from perfect and MUP itself does much better transpositons, but if you want to change the score you might find this helpful.

Download (3K): mup-trans-0.1.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 772a08b35217d94a761a215690ab68405e82b383


A simple python script which renumbers comments in a mup score. The archive includes the program and short README file.

Download (1K): mup-renum-1.0.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 5b2f32bcdc32fd9275e059e68820fb257e8022bc

Mup Accompaniment

A not-so-simple python script which analyzes a mup score and adds a bass line to it. This is pretty well special to my scores, but it may be useful to others. The archive includes the program and short README file.

Download (10K): mup-acc-0.3.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 3f7b6589e198ec98cb01da3dcaf5a18737ace70b

Mp — Mup Print and Display

A python script to process, display and print my scores. Supports various keys and transpositions for different instruments. The archive includes the program and short README file.

Download (3K): mp-1.3.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 5b1094a9bd28965c1c2ea9df0f97618c92b4440b

Accordion Register Symbols

If you are planning on writing any music for the accordion these files will be useful. They add the ability to print the "circles with dots" used to denote the switches in accordion music. The files are a set of macros for MUP. In addition to the macro files, I have included sample files and some postscript output. This is all in tar/gzip format. If you can't handle this, let me know.

NEWS (July/2017): This file has been updated to use Postscript glyphs which are resizable!

Download (59K): mup-accordion.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 0ac4a66efb841ef11bcb2b3f722f1ba7ea94b6f3

Courtesy Keysignature Macros

These macros let you print a key signature in parentheses at any point in a MUP score. The signature has no effect, but is there simply as a reminder in a piece with complicated key changes.

Download (5K): keysig.mup
SHA1 checksum: a304cb66fecdd1e08c1037c9ef161424467a5912

Colorize MUP

This small program parses a Postcript file generated by MUP and finds all occurrences of the “sign” symbol and “repeat” markers, key and clef changes and sets them from black to various colors for printing. I use this for files I want to display (for performace) on a laptop computer and will probably use it to print dead-tree copies in the future.

Here is a contrived (and ugly) pdf file showing some features: mup-colorize-test.pdf.

If you specify a single filename the file is converted inplace; 2 filenames and the 1st file is read and a new file is created; no filenames uses stdin/out as a filter. You can set your custom configuration in an RC file. Refer to README in the archive for details.

Download (4K): mup-colorize.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 98ab5d1d29fcd7f19d5ef5e79fdfae502f8af7e6

Calulate best scale for scores

This program will do successive runs on a MUP input file to find the “best” scale factor. I use this to produce my personal scores.

By default the program does a number of runs setting various options which, probably, only make sense for me. That is due to the fact that you need my macro files for defines like “FHORN” to work. However, you can use the “-n XX” command line option to determine the best scale for your files. Just substitute a value for “XX”.

Download (4K):
SHA1 checksum: 986c383846cf6be33d0921be54ebf067f1d6d3c1

Postscript macro to draw braces

This is a set of postscript macros which draw in a brace when the number of lyric lines change. This makes your music look just that more professional. Needs MUP version 6.6 or better.

This new version now uses the staffscale value to better size the brace.

Download (5K): lbrace.mup
SHA1 checksum: 55ec0fd77ccf9bc491de0126233388de69016ebd

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