Learn With Bob

Bob teaches a limited number of students from his studio located in beautiful Wynndel, British Columbia.

Instruments covered include saxophone, accordion, pop organ and electronic keyboards. Adult learners are preferred, but motivated younger students are considered.

For more information, please contact Bob at (250) 866-5772.

Learning music is hard ... the least I can do is to keep it fun.

Yeah, I Have Qualifications

I started playing music at the tender age of 12 when my misguided parents insisted that the accordion would be an ideal instrument for a kid growing up in the '60s to learn. But, despite the odds, I persisted in playing polkas and other silly songs. Good thing: I managed to work my way though high school teaching others the joy of squeezebox music.

Over the years I've learned to play flute, organ (and other keyboards), and saxophone. My studies of music include the usual complement of teachers and formal instruction at Calgary's Mount Royal Conservatory and the University of Alberta.

Currently I play with some small ensembles, but do mostly solo work at small, local events. I spend (way too much) time arranging and composing for saxophone and writing my own computer software to run MIDI keyboards.

My CD, Cedars, was a true solo work. Not only was each song composed, arranged and played by me; I also used my own software for the background tracks.

I share Mellowood Studio with my artistic wife Val who operates her own art studio and gallery from our home in Wynndel.

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