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Here are some links which may be useful to other researchers. If you have something you think is relevant, give me a shout and I'll add it.

A favorite movie of mine, Wag the Dog, really explains how all this government stuff really works. Honest, trust me.

The document Broadband Access Project (sorry, Dead link) by the Center for Democracy & Technology talks about issues and possible regulatory changes need in the US. And despite being dated December 2000 most of the issues it raises are still current and relevant.

Confused about all this "Digital Divide" talk? This link (sorry, Dead link) talks about problems in BC and the rest of Canada. Recommended reading!

Is THE NET the Future? Well, here's one view ... and if it's right it really points to a reason for small communities to get on the broadband road. Here's the link to Starnix. They are mentioned in the article, but there's no link.

Networking and wireless stuff get real complicated, real fast. A large site with an awful lot of information is Network Computing. Not the prettiest of sites, and a bit heavy on ads, but still a lot of info!

Some folks in Rossland spent a lot of time doing similar work. A blog-like report details some history. An important, although a bit dated, report telecom infrastructure in the Kootenay Boundary region is recommended reading. If anyone has an email for Doug, please send it to me. Seems that Doug is pretty paranoid about getting spam ... unfortunately his email address is so hidden on his pages that he probably gets no mail at all.

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