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2015/05/25 - Added my current WISP, Swift Internet.

2006/04/05 - Updated to reflect my xplornet connection. Deleted pages connected to the Wynndel ISP committee. Moved to xplornet home.

2005/04/25 - My "I've Quit" message inserted into the front page.

2005/04/16 - Changed the "title" back to Wynndel, updated the look/feel, created the domain, updated information to reflect the new Telus/Govt. deal.

2005/03/29 - Changed the "title" to "Creston Valley/Wynndel" from the more parochial "Wynndel". Link updates. Canadian Satellite announcment link. Link to Premier's Tech. Council.

2005/02/09 - Workshop report, update on satellite.

2005/01/22 - Added Rossland link. Updated my introductory musings. Workshop announcement.

2005/01/12 - Updated FAQ section. Spellchecking.

2005/01/06 - Added FAQ section, updated some links. Announced the BC3 workshop. Ran all the pages though W3C Quality Assurance\—all HTML is now validated.

2004/12/10 - Complete site revamp. Updates for consultant's report. Formal committee established.

2004/11/13 - General updates, BC Wireless Project, 3rd party consultant.

2004/11/04 - Update on cable operation with rough budget. Update on cancelled workshops and "help" from our MLA.

2004/10/25 - Updated school section, wireless comments. Some meow stuff added.

2004/10/14 - Added satellite section.

2004/10/13 - Updated CMON conversation, powerline broadband, added budget numbers and link section.

2004/10/12 - Added this segment, spelling corrections.

2004/10/09 - Initial creation and posting.

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