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Playing in a band is greatly rewarding. It stimulates the brain, uses muscles and trains memory. Band members learn to work as a team. And in this process produce beautiful music.

Are you too old? Nope. Music is such a vital and fundamental part of our beings no one is ever too old to learn. If you played in a school band a long time ago and never touched your instrument again or just never played anything (other than a record player) 'cause someone told you that you had no musical talent (they were wrong!!!) ... you can play. And you can have fun.

Dr. Roy Ernst from the prestigious Eastman School of Music created the New Horizons Music Program in the late 1980s. It's still going strong today. I've met a number of musicians from the program and each and every one of them just love playing. Not just do they love to play, but the experience has greatly enriched their lives.

My concept for our band is simple: Everyone is welcome. We will be geared towards “seniors” ... which probably means folks who are over the magical age of 50. But, don't let that stop you! We're not going to be carding at the door.

My involvement is strictly as a volunteer. I'm not looking to make any money from this.

This will be a band for and of the members. We'll need people to do the various management tasks any organization has.

Important: We're not competing with any of the existing groups in Creston. The existing community band has wonderful musicians, but they are just a bit too advanced for our target.


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