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Dale Hallack

The 2009 camp was, just like each and every other year, a wonderful experience. I so look forward to the short week at the Peace Gardens to restoke my musical fire.

This year I remembered my wonderful Zoom H4 Digital Recorder and to use it to record my “show and tell night” performance. In this case the recorder was placed on a stool at the side of the stage.

I'm sure you've all heard the story about the sax player “getting all the good looking girls”? Well, it's true! Accompanying little old me were Karen and Lorraine on piano, Carol, Pam and Gwen on latin percussion and Heather on drums. Cool! Oh, yes ... that is me playing my tenor saxophone.

“On Wings” is an original composition. It's a slightly interpretive piece written after I watched a beautiful Osprey fishing over a local lake.

We got off to a bit of a shaky start, but no worry. Like the true professionals we all want to be, we got together and ended up with a fine performance. Enjoy!

On Wings, Live recording. ()

The recording is straight off the H4. All I did was cut the noise at the start/end and adjusted the overall volume to 0 dD. No mixing, compression, eq, etc.

And for something complete different (and which I had, fortunately, nothing to do with) ... here's a fun piece which was done later in the evening. IMC Eh!. Enjoy.

A fellow camper has created a web site with discussions. Drop by and say hello and reminisce a bit as well.

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