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Lots of free software projects on the web now feature little Donate buttons. If you are at all observant you'll notice that I don't have them.

I wrote and continue to maintain MMA because:

  • It was a program that I needed,
  • It was an interesting programming challange and a way to learn the Python language,
  • It was a lot of fun!

It never occurred to me that it would be a way to earn any money.

Just to rant a bit, it surprises me when I'm looking for information about music just how much stuff there is out on the web which is trivial, wrong or dumb ... and people want to charge for. End of rant.

So, please feel free to use MMA for whatever need you have. People are using it to learn an instrument, learn to program, compose and create new music, and as a background generator for gigs. If you want to show your appreciation:

  • Send me a note, email, or postcard,
  • Let some other folks know about this wonderful and free program,
  • Better yes, write a nice little groove file and send it to me for inclusion in the standard library,
  • Buy my CD. If you live in Canada or USA (sorry, international postage rates are just too damned high these days to bother) it's available as a real plastic, shiny disc on my site at Cedars,
  • Hire me to play at your next concert or show,
  • Let me know of any bugs you find or an enhancement or missing feature you think could be useful.
But, by all means create, play and enjoy your music!

Web Design--Bob van der Poel
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