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Here's some miscellaneous neat-o, cool, wow stuff!

First off, real music created with MMA.

Other programs incorporating or enhancing MMA:
  • Solfege is an GPL'ed ear training program, and it can use MMA to generate midi files on the fly to use for questions.

  • VocalEasel is a simple MacOS X (10.4 or later) lead sheet editor and music rehearsal tool designed for the needs of Jazz vocalists, using LilyPond to produce printable lead sheets and MMA (Musical Midi Accompaniment) to produce MIDI accompaniments.

  • PianoBooster is a learning tool which will help you play a keyboard. You can use MMA accompaniment tracks with this neat program.
Got a project or song? Let me know so I can link it and let others in the community know the possibilities of free music tools.

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