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Any list of jazz favorites just has to start with Nina Simone. When listening pay attention not only to the way she plays with the lyrics, but her piano accompaniments. Wonderful.

I play saxophone. So I absolutely need to include some of the best players: Stan Getz is just the smooth fellow forever, Ike Quebec has a similar style but his low notes drive me to nirvana, Stanley Turrentine is another smooth style player, and we'll finish this list with Sonny Rollins just 'cause he's so damned good. Ben Webster is a great interpreter, but his breathyness does leave me wondering if I'm enjoying it.

Female singers: We have to start with Blossum Dearie who had a small voice and stature, but great big ideas and unique interpretations. Peggy Lee did just about every song in the book, and don't forget to listen to the flute player!

Male singers: The perennial Tony Bennett continues to impress me, especially his later recordings.

Piano: Thelonius Monk tops my list. Very different, but take time to love him. Bill Evans just great on the ivories, he interprets like a saxophonist.

More to come.

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