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Put It Together

Well, that's about it. If you read all the lessons and practiced all the exercises you're now ready to discard what you've learned here and progress on your own. If you don't think you've mastered it all, just keep practising.

Record yourself and listen. Listen to the greats of the past. Borrow (steal!) the ideas of the masters and your contemporaries ... that's how we learn!

Don't use one technique by itself. Combine changes in volume, pitch and timing. Think about the notes in the chords and scales (lots of information on the 'net about all that theory stuff).

Play in a genre you like. If you're a diehard C&W fan you'll have trouble relating to jazz, etc. Not that you shouldn't try!

Remember to have fun and to focus on creating music. You'll be the better person for it. And your audiences will love you. What could be finer?

And let me know if this article helps.

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