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I've recently purchased a Akai Professional EWI 4000s wind controller. Before we get too much further, a few points:

  • This is not, an electronic saxophone. Or an electronic clarinet. Etc. It's a complex musical instrument capable of generating beautiful sounds and music.

  • You will not be able to play this with just a few hours of practice. Just like any other instrument, it takes time, dedication and practice.

  • The manuals from Akai suck. And there isn't much other documentation on the web. So, have fun.

Here's my first recording made with the EWI. A video with artwork done by my talented wife, Val.

A live recording of Billy Strayhorn's “Chelesa Bridge” from the 2013 Creston Valley Music Teachers concert.

A live recording of “If I Only Had A Brain” from the 2014 Creston Valley Music Teachers concert.

Now, for some links I've been accumulating. Hope they help!
    The offical site. Has manuals, software updates, etc.

  • EWItool
    This is a Linux (and Windows and Mac ... it's written Java) program to load and modify patches in your EWI. It's similar to the one supplied by Akai on the CD. But, this one does work in Linux and it's free.

    Some discussion of different fingering modes available on the EWI.

    Jazz orientated tips and techniques.

  • Patchman Music: These folk seem to be the greatest and best source for all things EWI. You can also purchase a whole lot of stuff from these folks for your new hobby—Get your wallet ready. But, the files and info are free and very worthwhile.

  • There are a number of video tutorials on youtube Do a search.

  • Sax on the Web
    This is primarily a discussion forum for the saxophone, but do a search for 4000s or EWI and you'll get a number of interesting threads.

    Lots of stuff and links for users of an EWI and Logic software.

  • There are 2 Yahoo groups for windcontrollers and EWI.

    Okay ... take it apart! This is for the usb model, but it'll get you started if you have some small screwdrivers and “that attitude”.

  • Some folks have had a problem with the mouthpiece screw rusting (so, far it's not a problem here). Patchman does sell them, but only in the USA. Silver Pennies has gold plated ones for a very reasonable price.

  • Some files here on my site which may be useful:

Got more links? Let me know!

Big tip of the hat to Steven Winikoff for links and suggestions. Very much appreciated!

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