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For some mysterious, historical and, doubtless, irrational reason the good folk in the area where I live have decided that they really don't like Daylight Saving Time. And, really, who cares? So, what's the big deal? And why this waste-of-space essay?

Well, unexpected stuff happens:

  • The first is that when the rest of the world struggles with the changing of countless clocks back and forward in the spring and fall we just do nothing. No watch/clock changes. Of course, there always a few newcommers to the area who didn't read the manual ... and they show up for meetings at the wrong time. And we have a good laugh at their expense.

  • The second is that unless we have set our computers to the “proper” Timezone we're sorta screwed. However, there are two simple solutions:

    • Set the Time Zone to “US Mountain Standard” and tell the computer to not honour day the daylight switch.

    • Or, more simply, set the Time Zone to “Dawson Creek”. Those folk have the same silly ideas as we do.

    • If you don't have the Dawson Creek entry on your computer's timezone list, use “Phoenix, Arizona”. Yup, they are enlighted to the evils of Daylight Time as well.

  • Of course, the real fun is that we get to spend way-too-much time telling our friends in neighbouring communites what the time is.

Personally, I think that the whole idea of “saving time” is stupid. Alas, I wasn't around when the idea was first suggested.

A much better idea is suggested in the 1930's song “There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time”.

More time to spend cuddling with your sweetie seems like a more intelligent idea than an extra round of golf.

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