Tenor Saxophone

My beautiful Keilwerth SX-90 Tenor.

I play this with a rollover baffle mouthpiece from RPC. Ron Coelho handcrafts these one at a time. Give him a call if you are interested ... great guy and great mouthpieces.

For reeds these days I'm using Rico Jazz Select Unfiled 2 Medium and Rico Plasticover 2.5. Sort of depends on the mood and how much I feel like screwing around with reeds ... the Plasticovers are getting more and more play.


Soprano Saxophone

Not the greatest horn ever built, but a pretty good sound. A Boosy & Hawkes "La Fleur" soprano. I'm guessing that this was made in Eastern Europe in the early 1970s ... but that's only a guess. I've done a bit of “googling” and it is likely make by Amanti in the former Czechoslovakia. Mouthpiece is a Eugune Rousseau 4R which was "opened up" by the legendary mouthpiece magician Jon Van Wie.

C Melody

C Melody Saxophone

A real blast from the past, a 1920s G.C. Conn C-Melody.

They don't make them like this anymore (and some would argue that that is a good thing).

I picked this up in a pawn shop several years ago. I've spent way too much fixing it up so that it'll play in tune ... and it does, pretty much. I have also picked up a Woodwind brand C-Melody mouthpiece for it.

It really does have a sweet sound. I just have to find more time to play it.

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