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The most current version of MMA is 15.01e.

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The main MMA archive is really all you need. It includes:

  • mma - the executable python script,
  • modules - the various python modules needed to run MMA,
  • lib - a set of standard library files which contain well over 1000 MMA patterns for different rhythms,
  • egs - a few simple demo songs and more complicated examples,
  • docs/html - the entire set of documentation files in HTML format.

After downloading this file you need to unpack it (the directory “mma-bin-VERSION” will be automatically created). The magical incantation:

tar xzf mma-bin-*.tar.gz
should work just fine. Then run the one of the install scripts (either ln-install or cp-install). Read the file text/INSTALL for details, but we recommend using ln-install.

This will create the needed system directories and install the Python modules and the standard MMA library. The script has been designed for Linux ... follow these instructions for Windows and if you install this on a different OS, please let us know just what problems you had and your solutions.

This is a Unix/Linux tar.gz file.

Download (2.3MEG): mma-bin-15.01.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 539e7e09552ff846e40b1e005cc4bce1d80287cc

Distribution Packages

To make installs easier for people with Linux systems we have created deb and rpm packages. These packages include the basic MMA distribution, plus the PDF documentation.

The packages will be installed in the /usr (not /local) directory structure.

MMA's only dependency is Python 2.7 greater (or any 3.x version), so there should be no dep problems with these packages. Please let us know if there are any problems.

Debian Package

Use your favorite debian package manager (from a command line you can do something like: sudo dpkg -i mma*deb).

We're not “real” Debian package makers ... so, shout if you find a problem ... better, mildly shout if it works as advertised!

Download (3.2MEG): mma_15.01_all.deb
SHA1 checksum: 4ca2afa6c472056a3037c7f279fb9519a08cf70e

RPM Package

A RPM based package for users with Redhat, Mandriva and other rpm based distros has been created using alien run on the the deb package. Depending on your system you might have to use the “--force” option. So, as root (use su) install with rpm --install mma*rpm and if that doesn't work use rpm --install --force mma*rpm.

I'm not sure if this applies to all installations, but it's been reported that the RPM modifies permissions of /usr/share giving write permission to group. This buggers sendmail. Check your system after installation.

Download (4.0MEG): mma-15.01-1.noarch.rpm
SHA1 checksum: 01727f16b9972f162561d6a7be1f16577e963c41

PDF Documentation

The documentation for MMA consists of 3 PDF files:

  • mma.pdf - a 249 page printable manual.
  • mma-tut.pdf - a short (21 page) tutorial.
  • mma-lib.pdf - reference to the standard mma library.

The HTML docs supplied with the main distribution are extracted from the PDF files. You should have both sets if for no other reason that the PDF files look much nicer.

This is a Unix/Linux tar.gz file.

Download (1.8MEG): mma-pdf-15.01.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: 0cba67e0375abd47590636f8583bac3330e5b7be

Chord Documentation

In addition to the main reference manuals we have prepared an auxiliary PDF document listing in both text and standard music notation all the chords (91 main, plus 60 aliases) and scales supported in MMA.

This is a compressed Unix/Linux .gz file.

Download (68K): chords.pdf.gz
SHA1 checksum: 19d3b568a7d3af80f4d35b14c25c33edbb100c9b

Current Developer Version

If you are brave, you might want to try the very newest!

This package has everything in it that the “official” distribution contains. However, the pdf documentation, above, doesn't reflect changes ... the download comes with html docs which should document all the changes.

Install note: if you have an existing install using the .deb or .rpm package you should probably delete/remove it first to avoid confusion. The .deb/.rpm install is the /usr/ directory and the manual install for the developer versions install in /usr/local.

Features (please read the file text/CHANGES-** for complete details):

  • Some added macros
  • A fix for a bug in Grace notes in solos
  • A fix for harmony in solo strings with grace notes
  • A fix for volume settings in solo strings
  • New command: RPitch, randomizes pitches for variety
  • Transpose now accepts intervals (ie, up major 2)
  • Added Subroutine support
  • Fixed Python3 import error
  • Added Lyric On/Off option

Download (2.4MEG): mma-devl.15.01e.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum: e32bd68cc89692278b0cdb6418901a9821c333c9

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