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Welcome to the home page and central clearing house for MMA - Musical MIDI Accompaniment.

“MMA—Musical MIDI Accompaniment” is an accompaniment generator. It creates MIDI tracks for a soloist to perform over from a user supplied file containing chords and MMA directives.

MMA is very versatile and generates excellent tracks. It comes with an extensive user-extendable library with a variety of patterns for various popular rhythms, detailed user manuals, and several demo songs.

MMA is a command line driven program. It creates MIDI files which are then played by a sequencer or MIDI file play program.

How good is MMA's output? Well, to start you might want to check out some of my own recordings. And here is a song created TOTALLY with MMA. Give a listen . . . I was impressed and I wrote MMA! My understanding is that Kara took an existing Yahama .sty file, converted it to MMA library format, wrote a MMA song file with a few chords, compiled, and that's about it. Very cool! Finally, here's another song by Kara, Sunshine Of My Life, which was done in studio with a MMA background track.

I have completed a complete CD of my saxophone playing with MMA backgrounds. Give a listen, and buy it, at Cedars.

People all over the world are using MMA on a daily basis. From Bach Fugues (really!) to Jazz to Country to Techno to just about anything you can imagine MMA's templating track system puts you in control of your music.

MMA is written in Python. You'll need version 2.6 (released Oct/2008) or greater of Python for MMA to work (it will probably work with 2.4 and 2.5 if you modify the initial script, but you're on your own). Please note that the 3.x Python series will not work with MMA; however, the current test version does.

MMA was in BETA for over 3 years and had over 24 releases before we decided that it was time for the 1.0 version (release 13.12a is now available). We continue to tweak the program to make it better ... but, right now it is a pretty nice piece of software. Please help the community by advising us of bugs, creating songs for distribution, and new and improved library files.

There are lots of other generators like MMA. The most popular are “Band In A Box” and “Jammer”. The problem with many of these programs is that they lock you into a proprietary format, work only with limited computing platforms, or insist on a silly GUI which limits your choices. You might think that the lack of a GUI is limiting, but we've found that MMA's method gives you a great deal of flexibility in setting volumes, patterns, etc.

MMA is free! Yes, this means you don't have to pay for it—more importantly it means that you can use (or even change) MMA in any manner you want. MMA is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

MMA is developed on a Linux platform, but should be usable on just about any modern computer system.

Yes, it works on Windows and Mac!

If you are confused by the acronym "MMA" and were looking for the the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) please visit On the other hand, if you were completely confused and were looking for the Mixed Martial Arts folk, try We did think about calling our program by some different names, but they all share letters with other things.

And, please remember, our program is called "MMA - Musical MIDI Accompaniement", not "MMA".

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