Well ... here she is in all her glory. My Excelsior 312. If you happen to have details on when it was made, etc. Please let me know!

Excelsior Accordion

Now, here's the detail on the "book deal". The above image was reproduced in the children's book "Barry, Boyhound" by Andy Spearman (Alfred A. Knofp, New York, 2005). They even put my name on the photo credits page and sent me some money. Cool.

The Excelsior is on page 110. And under the photo is the following:

"A useful reminder: no matter how bad things may seems, accordion music can always make it worse."

Oh, if I'd only known that they would do this with my picture ... I just have to keep thinking of the fame and fortune this is bringing me ... I'll feel better. Wait! I know! I'll play the damned thing! And we'll all feel better.

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