This document is provided as an aid for the new MMA user to get started in a easy, gentle manner. It is a supplement to the main reference manual.

MMA is a complex and powerful program. We don't intend to show each and every possible command in this tutorial; we'll be quite happy if we show enough of the basics to get you started! And, please, read the reference manual!

We hope to cover the following topics:

The examples may include songs which are probably not in the public domain. Certainly ``Happy Birthday'' should be public domain, but isn't. User's should note1.1 that the copyrighted songs in this document are examples only. It is probably not legal for you to copy it or play them. If this document is violating copyright by including any of the sheet music used in the examples, please let us know and it will be removed.

The example files in this text are included in the distribution in the egs/tutorial directory.

This is a draft document. Feedback is solicited!


... note1.1
Bad pun intended!
Bob van der Poel 2017-01-21