Command Summary

TRACK Accent <beat adj> Adjust volume for specified beat(s) in each bar of a track.

AdjustVolume <name=value> Set the volume ratios for named volume(s).

After Create an event for future execution.

AllGrooves apply a command to all grooves.

AllTracks <cmds> Applies cmds(s) to all active tracks.

TRACK Arpeggiate <options> Arpeggiate notes in a solo track.

TRACK Articulate <value> ... Duration/holding-time of notes.

Author <stuff> A specialized comment used by documentation extractors.

AutoSoloTracks <tracks> Set the tracks used in auto assigning solo/melody notes.

BarNumbers Leading <number> on data line (ignored).

BarRepeat Data bars can repeat with a ``* nn''

BeatAdjust <beats> Adjust current pointer by <beats>.

Begin Delimits the start of a block.

Call Call a subroutine.

TRACK Capo <value> Set the Plectrum track Capo.

TRACK ChShare <track> Force track to share MIDI track.

TRACK Channel <1..16> Force the MIDI channel for a track.

ChannelInit Send a command when a channel is assigned to track.

TRACK ChannelPref <1..16> Set a preferred channel for track.

ChordAdjust <Tonic=adj> Adjust center point of selected chords.

TRACK Chords <chord data> sets a chord specially for a track.

CmdLine <options> Set command line options.

Comment <text> ignore/discard <text>.

TRACK Compress <value> ... Enable chord compression for track.

TRACK Copy <source> Overlay <source> track to specified track.

[TRACK] Cresc <[start] end count> Decrease volume over bars.

[TRACK] Cut <beat> Force all notes off at <beat> offset.

Debug <options> Selectively enable/disable debugging levels.

Dec <name> [value] Decrement the value of variable <name> by 1 or <value>.

[TRACK] Decresc <[start] end count> Increase volume over bars.

DefAlias Create an alias name for a Groove.

DefCall Create a subroutine.

DefChord <name notelist scalelist> Define a new chord.

DefGroove <name> [Description] Define a new groove.

TRACK Define <pattern> Define a pattern to use in a track.

Delay <track> Set a delay for all notes.

TRACK Delete Delete specified track for future use.

TRACK Direction [Up | Down | BOTH | RANDOM] ... Set direction of runs in Scale, Arpeggio and Walk tracks.

Doc <stuff> A special comment used by documentation extractors.

DocVar <description> A specialized comment used to document user variables in a library file.

TRACK DrumType Force a solo track to be a drum track.

DrumVolTr <tone>=<adj> ... adjusts volume for specified drum tone.

TRACK DupRoot <octave> Duplicate the root note in a chord to lower/higher octave.

End Delimits the end of a block.

EndIf End processing of ``IF''.

EndMset End of a ``Mset'' section.

EndRepeat [count] End a repeated section.

Eof Immediately stop/end input file.

Fermata <beat> <count> <adjustment> Expand <beat> for <count> by <adjustment percentage.

TRACK ForceOut Force voicing and raw data output for track.

Goto <name> jump processing to <name>.

Groove <name> Enable a previously defined groove.

GrooveClear Delete all current Grooves from memory.

TRACK Harmony [Option] ... Set harmony for Bass, Walk, Arpeggio, Scale, Solo and Melody tracks.

TRACK HarmonyOnly <Option> ... Force track to sound only harmony notes from current pattern.

TRACK HarmonyVolume <Percentage> ... Set the volume used by harmony notes.

If <test> <cmds> Test condition and process <cmds>.

IfEnd End processing of ``IF''.

Inc <name> [value] Increment the value of variable <name> by 1 or <value>.

Include <file> Include a file.

TRACK Invert <value> ... set the inversion factor for chords in track.

KeySig <sig> Set the key signature.

Label <name> Set <name> as a label for ``GOTO''.

TRACK Limit <value> Limit number of notes used in a chord to <value>.

Lyric <options> Set various lyrics options.

MIDI <values> Send raw MIDI commands to MIDI meta-track.

TRACK MIDIClear <Beat Controller Data> Set command (or series) of MIDI commands to send when track is completed.

MIDICopyright Insert a Copyright message.

[TRACK] MIDICresc start end count Increase MIDI volume over bars.

[TRACK] MIDICue Insert a Cue point message.

[TRACK] MIDIDecresc start end count Decrease MIDI volume over bars

MIDIDef Define a series of commands for MIDISEQ AND MIDICLEAR.

MIDIFile <option> Set various MIDI file generation options.

TRACK MIDIGlis <1..127> Set MIDI portamento (glissando) value for track.

TRACK MIDIInc <File> <Options> Include an existing MIDI file into a track.

MIDIMark [offset] Label Inserts Label into the MIDI track.

TRACK MIDINote <Options> Insert various MIDI events directly into a track.

TRACK MIDIPan <0..127> Set MIDI pan/balance for track.

TRACK MIDISeq <Beat Controller Data> options> ... Set MIDI controller data for a track.

MIDISplit <channel list> Force split output for track.

[TRACK] MIDITName <string> Assigns an alternate name to a MIDI track.

[TRACK] MIDIText <string> Inserts arbitray text to a MIDI track.

TRACK MIDIVoice <Beat Controller Data> Set ``one-time'' MIDI controller command for track.

[TRACK] MIDIVolume <1..128> Set MIDI volume for track.

TRACK MIDIWheel Set MIDI pitch bend value for track.

TRACK MOctave < 1..9> ...- Set the MIDI octave for track.

TRACK Mallet <Rate=nn | Decay=nns> Set mallet repeat for track.

MmaEnd <file> Set filename to process after main file completed.

MmaStart <file> Set file to include before processing main file.

Mset <name> <lines> Set <variable> to series of lines.

MsetEnd End of a ``Mset'' section.

NewSet <name> <stuff> Set the variable <name> to <stuff>.

TRACK NoteSpan <start> <end> set MIDI range of notes for track.

TRACK Octave <0..10> ... Set the octave for track.

TRACK Off Disable note generation for specified track.

TRACK On Enable note generation for specified track.

TRACK Ornament Set ornamentation style for specified track.

Patch <options> Patch/Voice management.

Plugin Create and manage plugins to extend command set.

Print <stuff> Print <stuff> to output during compile. Useful for debugging.

PrintActive Print list of active tracks to output.

PrintChord <name(s)> Print the chord and scale for specific chord types.

TRACK RDuration <Value] ...

TRACK RPitch <Value] ...

TRACK RSkip <Value> ... Skip/silence random percentage of notes.

TRACK RTime <Value] ...

TRACK RVolume <adj> ... Set volume randomization for track.

TRACK Range <value> Set number of octaves used in Scale and Arpeggio tracks.

Repeat Start a repeated section.

RepeatEnd [count] End a repeated section.

RepeatEnding Start a repeat-ending.

[TRACK] Restart Initialize a track to (near) default settings.

TRACK Riff <pattern> Define a special pattern to use in track for next bar.

RndSeed <Value> ... Seed random number generator.

RndSet <variable> <list of values> Randomly set variable.

TRACK ScaleType <Chromatic | Auto> ... Set type of scale. Only for Scale tracks.

Seq Set the sequence point (bar pattern number).

[TRACK] SeqClear Clears sequence for track (or all tracks).

[TRACK] SeqRnd <On/Off/Tracks> Enable random sequence selection for track (or all tracks).

[TRACK] SeqRndWeight <list of values> Sets the randomization weight for track or global.

SeqSize <value> Set the number of bars in a sequence.

TRACK Sequence <pattern> ... Set pattern(s) to use for track.

Set <name> <stuff> Set the variable <name> to <stuff>.

SetIncPath <path> Set the path for included files.

SetLibPath <path> Set the path to the style file library.

SetMIDIplayer <program> Set the MIDI file player program.

SetOutPath <path> Set the output filename.

SetSyncTone <tone> <velocity> set the sync tone.

ShowVars Display user defined variables.

SourceTrack CopyTo <desttrack ..> Overlay <source> track(s) to specified track(s).

StackValue <stuff> Push <stuff> onto a temporary stack ($_StackValue pops).

TRACK Strum <key> Set the Plectrum track strum mode.

TRACK Strum <value> ... Set the strumming factor for various tracks.

TRACK StrumAdd <value> ... Set the strum ramp factor for various tracks.

[TRACK] Swell <[start] end count> Change and restore volume over bars.

SwingMode <on/off> Set swing mode timing.

Synchronize <START | END> Insert a start/end synchronization mark.

Tempo <rate> Set the rate in beats per minute.

Time <count> Set number of beats in a bar.

TimeSig <nn dd> Set the MIDI time signature (not used by MMA).

TRACK Tone <Note> ... Set the drum-tone to use in a sequence.

ToneTR <old>=<new> translates MIDI drum tone <old> to <new>.

Transpose <value> Transpose all tracks to a different key.

TRACK Trigger Create a trigger event for specified track.

Truncate <beats> Set the duration of next bar.

TRACK Tuning <strings> Create a Plectrum track tuning.

UnSet <name> Remove the variable <name>.

[TRACK] Unify <On | Off> ] ... Unify overlapping notes.

Use <file> Include/import an existing .mma file.

VExpand <on/off> Set variable expansion.

TRACK Voice <instrument> ... Set MIDI voice for track.

VoiceTr <old=new> ...- translates MIDI instrument <old> to <new>.

VoiceVolTr <voice>=<adj> ...- adjusts volume for specified voice.

TRACK Voicing <options. Set the voicing for a chord track.

[TRACK] Volume <value> ... Set the volume for a track or all tracks.

[] Index or Slice variable expansions

$(...) Delimits math expressions

$Name A user defined macro.

$_Name A predefined variable.

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