Bibliography and Thanks

I've had help from a lot of different people and sources in developing this program. If I have missed listing you in the CONTRIB file shipped with the MMA distribution, please let me know and I'll add it right away. I really want to do this!

I've also had the use of a number of reference materials:

Craig Anderson. MIDI for Musicians. Amsco Publishing, New York, NY.

William Duckworth. Music Fundamentals. Wadsworth Publishing, Belomnt, CA.

Michael Esterowitz. How To Play From A Fakebook. Ekay Music, Inc. Katonah, NY.

Pete Goodliffe. MIDI documentation (for the TSE3 library).

Norman Lloyd. The Golden Encyclopedia Of Music. Golden Press, New York, NY.

The MIDI Manufacturers Association. Various papers, tables and other information.

Victor López. Latin Rhythms: Mystery Unraveled. Alfred Publishing Company. These are handout notes from the 2005 Midwest Clinic 59th Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, December 16, 2005. A PDF of this document is available on various Internet sites.

Carl Brandt and Clinton Roemer. Standardized Chord Symbol Notation. Roerick Music Co. Sherman Oaks, CA.

And, finally, to all those music teachers my parents and I paid for, and the many people who have helped by listening and providing helpful suggestions and encouragement in my musical pursuits for the last 40 plus years that I've been banging, squeezing and blowing. You know who you are--thanks.

Bob 2018-03-09