Groove: Folkballad

Notes: A very simple folk variation for slow songs. I wrote this for a slow version of the Burns poem "A Red, Red Rose". Uses only a nylon guitar, much like a self-accompanied singer. The harmonica can add some variety with a simple sustain.

Author: Bob van der Poel

Description: A soothing guitar

SeqSize: 4 Time (beats per bar): 4

Track Name: Arpeggio

Voice/Tones: NylonGuitar Articulate: 100
Unify: 0 Octave: 5
Volume: 100 Harmony: OPEN
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 5
Rtime: 4 SeqRND: Off
Strum: 3,5

Track Name: Bass

Voice/Tones: NylonGuitar Articulate: 100   90   110   80
Unify: 0 Octave: 4
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 5
Rtime: 5 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None