Groove: Folk

Notes: Generally folk music doesn't have complicated rhythms. You can use other libaries like "EasySwing", but if you are into finger picking guitar, give this a try.

Author: Bob van der Poel

Description: A very simple pattern to set against old songs. Uses a random Tambourine to liven things up a bit. Wear something tie-dyed when you use this.

SeqSize: 8 Time (beats per bar): 4

Track Name: Bass

Voice/Tones: AcousticBass Articulate: 80
Unify: 0 Octave: 3
Volume: 70 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 0
Rtime: 0 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None

Track Name: Chord

Voice/Tones: NylonGuitar Articulate: 90
Unify: 0 Octave: 5
Volume: 70 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 9
Rtime: 2 SeqRND: Off
Strum: 10 Voicing: None

Track Name: Drum-Tamb

Voice/Tones: Tambourine Articulate: 90
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 60 Rvolume: 20
Rtime: 3 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None