Groove: Boggiewoggie1

Notes: A standard boogie-woogie blues beat. Great if you like this style; I find it gets old on my ears fairly fast. NOTE: This style uses dominate 7ths in the bass patterns. It'll probably not sound good in songs with Major 7th or Diminished chords.

Author: Bob van der Poel

Description: Basic BG with stronger chord line.

SeqSize: 2 Time (beats per bar): 4

Track Name: Bass

Voice/Tones: Piano2 Articulate: 70
Unify: 0 Octave: 3
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 10
Rtime: 10 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None

Track Name: Chord

Voice/Tones: Piano2 Articulate: 90
Unify: 0 Octave: 5
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 0
Rtime: 0 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None Voicing: None