Groove: Arpeggio68Sus

Notes: A simple set or arpeggios. Great for lesson pieces and lullabies. Remember that for the following variables to take effect they need to be set before loading any Groove in the file or after a GrooveClear. This groove is based on the ``arpeggiowaltz'' groove. Note when setting chord locations that there are six quarter notes per bar! When doing a solo/melody you'll find it easy to use 6 eight notes/bar and expand them with a "Stretch 200". You will need to double the tempo for this to work out right.

Author: Bob van der Poel

Description: Sustained strings with eight note piano.

SeqSize: 4 Time (beats per bar): 6.0

Harmony Sets the Harmony used for the piano. Default: None.
Direction Sets the arpeggio direction. Default: UP.
Bass If set Bass is enabled with a hit on beat 1. Default: no bass.

Track Name: Arpeggio

Voice/Tones: Piano1 Articulate: 160
Unify: 0 Octave: 4
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 5
Rtime: 5 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None

Track Name: Chord-Sus

Voice/Tones: Strings Articulate: 100
Unify: 1 Octave: 5
Volume: 40 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 0
Rtime: 0 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None Voicing: KEY