Groove: Arpeggio4Intro

Notes: A simple set of arpeggios in 4/4 time. Great for lesson pieces and lullabies. See the example song ``Traumerei''. Remember that for the following variables to take effect they need to be set before loading any Groove in the file or after a GrooveClear. Setting the variables is important! The default is for only a single note arpeggio with no harmony or bass.

Author: Bob van der Poel

Description: A basic 4 bar introduction (works for ending as well).

SeqSize: 4 Time (beats per bar): 4

Harmony Sets the Harmony used for the piano. Default: None.
Direction Sets the arpeggio direction. Default: UP.
Bass If set Bass is enabled with a hit on beats 1 and 3. Default: no bass. Note that that you cannot change the bass pattern with this variable.

Track Name: Arpeggio

Voice/Tones: Piano1 Articulate: 130
Unify: 0 Octave: 4
Volume: 100 Harmony: None
Rskip: 0 Rvolume: 5
Rtime: 5 SeqRND: Off
Strum: None