A bit of a budget for all this.... What I've done is
to add up the up-front costs and then multiply the
monthly costs by 24. The "logic" to this is that
whatever we get will probably be outdated in 2 years,
or need replacement. If you look at a longer amortization
the numbers will be a bit more palatable.

This is my first crack at the numbers, but I think they
may be close. The numbers suggested by CMON are
in the same ballpark. If anything, they are most
likely on the low side!

This is a Motorola Canopy or similar system working in
unlicenced radio frequency. Coverage would be limited
most to line of sight. This is based on 40 subscribers.

Base station tower, installation             $15,000
Subscriber "modems" @ $500.00 ea              20,000
NetworkBC line charges @ $1000/month          24,000
ISP Wholesale cost @ 7.00/sub/month            6,720
Office/maint/etc  @250/month                   6,000

        Total Expenses                        71,720

        Total per month per sub               $74.71

Changing the number of subscribers and the amortization
period would have a dramatic effect on the bottom line.